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Trust me, I work online and I’ve used about 6 VPN services since moving to Thailand, so I know what works well here inside the Land of Smiles.You see, not all VPN’s are created equally and there are 4 key things you need to consider: Here's a breakdown of the 2 VPN services that I currently use, and will work brilliantly for you while staying in Thailand: Based out of Switzerland, Vypr VPN has moved into my #1 recommendation spot in the past year because the service is just superb.And what does “preventing online illegal content on the web mean?”Well, remember the spate of ridiculous court cases brought by the RIAA in the US?With a good VPN, you simply eliminate the risk or being spied on, hacked or having your data collected as you surf.You remain anonymous, closing the door on prying eyes. If you’ve seen any of those review sites that list top 5 VPN’s for Thailand or similar, don’t bother.

I don’t want to be accused of spending time on inappropriate sites after innocently clicking a link sent to me in jest by a friend from the other side of the world, or in Thailand.And then there are those public places with free access to unsecured Wi Fi connections.These are prime hacking spots for hackers to gain access to your email account, online bank accounts and other confidential information.It might all sound a bit like I'm fear-mongering here, but really, this is the reality. Instability and insecurity is making the powers that be very paranoid, and as such they need to see what we bad citizens are up to at all times.Of course, there is a way around all of this…I don’t download music or films illegally, but I do enjoy my privacy, and I believe strongly in exercising my civil rights.

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