Dating for cat owners

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Maybe dog-owners are more physically fit, or are nicer to their mothers.

I don’t know, all I do know is that cat owners tend to be a little bit smarter and having smarts is a really good thing to have in a date.

Otherwise she will lay at my feet, or on my printer (or desk) as I'm on my computer, or on the end table as I sit to watch T. She'll sleep on my other pillow on the bed, so she wants to be close. I love her, but I have been actively searching for another home for her for the last 5 years, lol.

Nobody has been 'good enough' for her but if I do find someone who I think would be good to her, I will draft up a legal agreement (hell, I mean it, I'll even go to our family lawyer for help in this) so that if in the event they decide to get rid of her, she comes back to ME.

I always hope and pray that he's done and its cleaned before I have anyone over.

On the other hands, dogs can get pretty stinky too!

Most of the dog owners i have known have dogs with "bad breath" and keep licking all over you, and that "DOG SMELL" in the house completely turns me off. They get fed each morning before work, and do a nice job of killing snakes and rats. Moral of the story if you don't have enough litter pans, don't clean the box at least twice a day, your house will smell like something died.

I know there are people who love animals and have mini menageries. I think two is VERY manageable, but I got the third after seeing her infected and sick in a city shelter and couldn't bear to walk away from her knowing that I could give her a better life.Studies show that self-identified cat owners scored higher on intelligence tests than self-identified dog owners.I’m not saying that dog-owners aren’t brainy too, just that cat-owners are slightly cleverer.They know they don’t have to prove how masculine they are just because they have a cat.Also, cat dudes generally love all other kinds of pets, making them an overall animal person.

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Cat man are used to cleaning litter boxes, cleaning up hairballs, and will drink from a glass that their cat just drank out of. They’re not going to have a problem taking care of you when you’ve had too much to drink or have the flu.

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