Dating then and now

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Dating then and now

As history suggests, dating was never supposed to be easy. Just throw away whatever gifts you had received or whatever photos you had taken together, lock yourself in your room and cry to your pet for a week and you would be fine. You break up with your date but still would like to be ‘friends’. All it took in the ‘90s was to not answer that phone call or to reply to that letter or to avoid all the places you went to with your date.

And while we can’t deny the satisfaction of finding out your ex is dating someone less attractive/accomplished than you, the clean break of tossing all those memories into a box and then avoiding that sushi place you went to every Friday for the rest of your life seems easier than spending the next five years watching their wedding and baby pics pop up on your screen…or worse, accidentally texting them after a late night out for one more go at something you already know you’re not interested in. Winner: Then Proving that whatever decade you’re in, dating is just plain hard.Then you can send short notes to the women you like and find out who is interested in getting to know you, also free of cost.You will also get free access to the full dating database of thousands of dating profiles of Beautiful East European women as only a portion of them is included in our gallery - with a free membership you can discover many more drop dead beautiful ladies looking for a man just like you than those featured in the galleries. Sometimes you would wonder if it was all worth the effort. Even landlords have sobered down when it comes to all the rules and nitpicking. Then again, this ruins the whole idea of communicating with your date and actually staying in touch. Your date would have to avoid all the grandmothers and aunties in your neighbourhood to get to your doorstep.

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Dear Gentlemen, On East European dating sites, you will find thousands of women that are beautiful, intelligent, educated, fit, stylish and sexy – and, amazingly enough, at the same time unattached and available for dating.

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  2. Josh, meanwhile, had been dreaming of a cashed-up woman with high ambitions, status, and education, ideally with a Ph D (or two). It was the norm, after all, for men to be the ones to "marry up." This scenario probably sounds strange, and it should: I've invented an anecdote about how the heterosexual dating scene might look 100 years in the future.