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Gary oldman and dating

But while he may have lowered his acting profile over the past 10 years, one suspects that as a man Oldman has come into his own.His own childhood in New Cross, south London, was tough.

They allowed me, certainly financially, to really be at home with the kids.When Michael Fassbender accepted the best actor award at the Venice Film Festival last Sunday, he paid tribute to someone who might well have collected the prize himself."I have been following Gary Oldman's career since I was 14," he said.He's discovered girls, and doesn't want to be a grotty, smelly kid any more, so he's really making an effort in that department. There's a group of friends from pre-school, we're close and still see each other." I get some of the trademark Oldman diction as he curls his tongue deliciously around the phrase, "I'm one of the mums".It's slightly strange to hear a man whose CV is littered with wild psychotics, and is blisteringly intense even in sympathetic roles, speak so warmly, and calmly of the basic pleasures of parenthood.

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When I ask Oldman if he might have some tips for the young Fassbender and the Hollywood machine of which he's been a part for 20 years, his eyes twinkle. One suspects that Oldman, who lives in Los Angeles, is enjoying every minute of fronting such a quintessen tially English project. Oldman follows in the esteemed footsteps of Alec Guinness as George Smiley, "spying on the spies", the mes merising lead of a top-notch cast that includes Colin Firth, John Hurt, Bene dict Cumberbatch and Mark Strong.