Validating sources

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Validating sources

Different people have different standards for credibility.

For example, when you’re in college and you have to write a research paper, everything you write has to be documented.

Evaluating the credibility and validity of sources of information can be a very complex thing to do.

The credibility of the sources of information depends on the reliability of the information used to support points.

This site can give you a quick overview of a company and identify major customer service issues it has encountered.

To check the truthfulness of astonishing stories you come across, visit government’s Transportation Security Administration, these pages examine recent rumors regarding flight safety and other travel concerns.

Knowing the motive behind the page's creation can help you judge its content.

Examples of this flood of misinformation can be seen regularly in e-mail rumors.I have learned that a source of information is only as credible as the author’s credentials and the reputation of the publishing company or organization that are supporting him or her. For example, if discussing a particular type of medicine, it should be clear of the author’s connection. The writing style and tone is another way to form credibility and validity of sources of information.When it comes to credentials, the first thing you should do is research the author. Credibility of the source of information should depend on the information itself and not the opinion of whoever the author is that wrote the article. You should determine whether the tone is professional or not.Many sites have been developed to help visitors confirm the accuracy of information or the credibility of potential product vendors.If you’re interested in purchasing something online, but you are not familiar with the seller, check the Better Business Bureau (org).

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The Internet has been praised as a medium that truly frees information, making it accessible to anyone, anywhere.